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    Driving Hybrid Vehicle

    Driving Hybrid Vehicle Driving a hybrid electric vehicle is the same as driving any other conventional vehicle _ I ..

    04-21-2015 10:27 صباحا
    حسام العلي
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    Driving Hybrid Vehicle

      Driving a hybrid electric vehicle is the same as driving any other conventional vehicle _
     In fact, many drivers and passengers are often not aware they are driving or riding in a hybrid _
    electric vehicle.
      : Some unique characteristics that the driver may or may not notice include  _

    After the internal combustion engine has achieved normal operating temperature and other conditions are–
    met, the engine will stop when the vehicle slows down and stops. This condition may cause some concern to
    some drivers who may think that the engine has stalled and then may try to restart it.

       The brake pedal may feel different, especially at slow speeds of about 5 mph and 15 mph when slowing to a–
    stop. It is at about these speeds that the brake system switches from regenerative braking to actually
    applying brake force to the mechanical brakes. A slight surge or pulsation may be felt at this time. This may
    or may not be felt and is often not a concern to drivers.
     The power steering works even when the engine stops because all hybrid electric vehicles use an electric–
    power steering system.
     Some hybrid electric vehicles are able to propel the vehicle using the electric motor alone, resulting in quiet–

     If a hybrid electric vehicle is being driven aggressively and at a high rate of acceleration, there is often a–
    feeling that the vehicle is not going to slow down when the accelerator pedal is first released. This is caused
    :by two factors
     The inertia of the rotor of the electric motor attached to the crankshaft of the ICE results in the engine continuing to*
    rotate after the throttle has been closed.
     The slight delay that occurs when the system switches the electric motor from powering the vehicle to generating*
    (regenerative braking). While this delay would rarely be experienced, and is not at all dangerous, for a fra*ction of a
    second it gives a feeling that the accelerator pedal did not react to a closed throttle.
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