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    High Voltage Battery Pack

    High Voltage Battery Pack   The hybrid battery pack sends high‐voltage dc into the power * control module, ..

    04-24-2015 10:46 صباحا
    حسام العلي
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    High Voltage Battery Pack


    The hybrid battery pack sends high‐voltage dc into the power *
    control module, which converts it to ac or changes it to a higher or
    lower voltage.
     This ac voltage is then fed to the motor‐generator for propelling *
    the vehicle or starting the internal combustion engine.
       A battery pack contains several high efficiency NiMH (sealed nickel *
    m*etal hydride) or LiIon (Lithium Ion) battery modules stacked in a

    sealed enclosure and wired in series to produce a highvoltage
    power source

      The battery pack is normally mounted in the rear of the chassis *
    often behind or under the rear seat or in the trunk area.
     HV battery packs are designed to handle very high current flow *
    rates during charging and discharging. HV battery pack also has a
    good weight‐to‐power out ratio. Even the largest battery pack
    weighs only about (90 kg).
     Depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the number *
    of modules used, hybrid battery pack voltage can range from about
    150 volts up to approximately 300 volts dc.
     A battery pack cover encloses the modules and protects them from *
    damage. It also protects people from electric shock.
     Battery pack cover(s) are held on with machine screws. Some *
    hybrids have the power control module and battery pack housed
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